I’ve used Alumagrips for years and they ride on a couple of my “heavy use” guns. In a nutshell, they are essentially indestructible and about as fail-safe as a hunk of aluminum might hint at. If dropped, there’s no cracking or splintering, and about the worse you can ever see might be a bit of wear on the anodizing! If I were going into battle I’d want Alumagrips on my handgun. Also, their added “heft” can help stabilize even a lightweight gun, without adding much weight. The weight in the palm area seems to help settle a gun into your hand. It might be subjective, but sometimes subjective is all you need to make it work, eh?

Their new “Grater Grips” (full size, standard thickness for 1911) offer a more aggressive feel than the standard checkering and would be great for, say, a duty or carry gun. There are standard colors (black, clear or olive grey) and a host of additional optional colors adding $25 to the cost. Look for fits for 1911’s of most sizes, Ruger’s SP101 and 22/45RP, Springfield’s EMP, Kimber’s Micro 9, SIG’s P238, Desert Eagle (check out my Insider in this issue), Beretta 92FS frame size, Para fits, Caspian Hi-Caps, Coonan .357 and even AR grips and rail covers. All out of CNC-machined aluminum.

On their website they also offer a fun “Build A Grip” process where you can add options as you “build” a grip just as you like it, choosing checkering, colors and other options as you go, then hit the “order” key. You can also have them do custom laser engraving with your own logo, unit insignia, initials, etc. with an added small fee for set-up. A great idea for clubs, military units, SWAT teams and the like. Their website home page says “Distinctive & Durable” and that pretty much sums things up. The 1911 style grips start at about $44 per set, SP101 at $40 and things go up from there depending upon features and options. For more info:; Ph: (602) 294-2390, [email protected]

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