With today’s nonsense going on in the streets more and more people go armed when driving. Too many, though, just stuff a handgun into the center console, under the seat, in the door compartment or just leave it in a purse. The reality is if you “need” a gun you need it instantly, so having it securely stashed where you can get to it fast — while keeping it safe — makes good sense. American Leathersmith’s Leather Car Holster comes in dozens of fits and is delivered complete with mounting hardware. My test sample shows good fit and finish. It’s a “press fit” so doesn’t need a thumb break for security. Keep in mind, if you’re right-handed, you likely need a holster looking like it’s made for a lefty due to the way it’s mounted. It can go onto a transmission hump, under the dash, under your desk, in your shop — anywhere you feel a need to be discreetly armed. At only $74.95 it’s a solid deal and gets to you within seven to 10 days.

I’m partial to paddle holsters so I also ordered a strong-side paddle rig for my Kimber Solo. The paddle is all-leather and sort of “molded” into an “S-shape” which, surprisingly enough, is both comfortable against your side and secure. During a few days of carry I found it to hold the gun “just so” and stayed put during practice draws. The major convenience of a paddle rig is you just slip it off when you get home without having to unbuckle belts, un-snap snaps, or fuss around. Going back out? Just slip it back on and you’re good to go. At $65, it’s affordable for a true custom leather rig, and there’s a lot of options in fits and colors. AmericanLeathersmith.com

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