Ammo Armor


Ammo Armor

I recently spotted some info on a product called “Ammo Armor,” an affordably priced polymer casing available for a wide range of autopistol magazines. Proudly made right here in the U.S., they’re designed to protect your magazines from dirt, dust and impacts, and they’re available in black, OD green or tan.

I ordered some for an M&P M.20 Compact I was testing and found they were, indeed, a snugly fitting case for the magazines. I also found they worked equally well with the longer 17-round mags for the full-size M&P pistol, although you can also purchase ones specific to the longer magazine if you want to. In fact, they seem to have models for just about every modern type of handgun out there.

While they’re designed as a protective product for storing your magazines, I’ve actually been using them as part of my concealed carry system. While I have a belt-mounted magazine pouch as part of my Milt Sparks carry rig, I’ve also been using one of these Ammo Armor units with a magazine for pocket carry.

Admittedly, it’ll take two hands to employ it — unlike a dedicated pocket magazine carrier — but it’s slim and small and very easy to simply drop into a pocket to give me extra back-up ammo in case I need it. I found it doesn’t tie up an entire pocket and leaves room for keys and such, and its polymer body ensures my spare mag is protected against bumps and dents. It also protects against the elephant-sized dust bunnies we all seem to collect in our pocket-carry guns and ammo stashes. So honestly here, when was the last time you took your spare magazine apart and cleaned it? About the same time I cleaned mine, I’ll bet — and I can’t remember when that was. Yet again, I’m reminded of how a simple idea can make so much sense. For more info:; Ammo Armor, Ph: (800) 542-2666,