Master Of Precision

The battle over whether custom knifemakers should machine parts or make them by hand was fought two decades ago when tactical folders had virtually taken over the cutlery market in sales. The master machinists won because the CNC machines were better in holding tighter tolerances in all aspects, but particularly in locking mechanisms. Davis Curtiss excels in such precision and all his equipment to do so is in-house. He does, however, do some important functions by hand such as blade grinding, which is done on belt sanders. All of his final finishing is done by hand as well — and he does some wicked anodizing on his titanium frames.

For blade steel, Curtiss goes upscale. “I mostly make frame-lock flippers with the occasional slipjoint. I currently use Carpenter CTS-XHP as my standard,” David notes. “It is very corrosion resistant, has great edge-holding properties and sharpens easily. I do use several other steels, and Damascus too.” His frames are made of superior grade titanium.

Curtiss’ knives are tough and durable, traits he stands behind because he knows his stuff. He also adds one other element to the equation. “My customer is the person who wants a knife that will last them a lifetime and something they will carry and use,” David states firmly. “They expect the best in the product — and the customer service that comes with it. I think we have the best customer service in the knife industry.”