In The Field

How good are PC bullets? Dick says in the last five to six years he’s stacked up a fair number of deer and antelope with different .41, .44 and .45 hollowpoint bullets. He uses an alloy of 70 percent wheelweights, 30 percent lead and about 1/4 lb. of Linotype thrown into the pot.

Here’s the latest word from Dick: “In the last couple of days I’ve been using a new bullet weighing 212 grains which is an LFN-style hollowpoint with a gas check in my wonderful .41 Magnum Bisley. When Tank Hoover arrives I’ll be ready and waiting. I’ve already taken one deer a few months ago with the 230-gr. Keith .41 now it’s time for this new hollowpoint to show me how it holds up in the game fields.” You can bet whether in his hands or Tank’s the powder coated bullets will do fine!