Basic Pocket Mag Pouch


The Wilderness Tactical in Arizona has been in business for decades, and is justly famous for their classic “Instructor” belt because they invented the idea! Yup, all those renditions of that staple of the gun range came from the fertile mind of the founder of The Wilderness. They have since grown and now offer hundreds of ideas in sewn goods, from holsters, pouches and bags, to belts and a zillion other accessories. They also own and make the concept of the “Renegade” ankle holster, my favorite one. They are sending me a new fit or two there and I’ll be sharing them with you later.

But right now, I wanted to show this simple yet immensely useful double magazine pocket pouch. I generally wear cargo pocket pants but things get lost in those big pockets. So, think beyond the “double magazine” pouch concept here. The Wilderness soon realized what they had was a clever way to manage the goodies we normally lose in our pockets. Called the “Basic Pocket Mag Pouch” they make a wide range of sizes, from tall to short, wide to narrow, .380 to “big” and each one can handle much more than simply a magazine. Think batteries, speed strips, sunblock, lighters, pepper spray, flashlights, folding knives, even a roll of quarters. And, the tension from the elastic means it holds what you put in with about “One G” of retention, meaning you can pretty much turn the pouches upside down and the stuff stays put.

My daily carry Kimber Solo and Ruger LCPII will now have corresponding BPMP pouches, each holding a spare mag and a flashlight. Call me any name you want, but impressed would be one of them. I love simple solutions and at about $19.95 it hardly gets more simple and affordable than this. Stuffed into a coat pocket, pants or cargo pocket, car door slot, center console, saddle bag, drawer, bedside table or wherever, you’ve got what you need at-hand. This is a swell family-owned business well-deserved of your attention. For more info:; Ph: (800) 775-5650, email: [email protected]

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