Bear Ops Bold Action IX Carbon Fiber Folder


Everyone needs a knife! No one should leave their house without one. Knives are used daily for the routine cutting of boxes, strings, or those frustrating hermetically sealed packages. Knives also make good last-ditch efforts for self-defense. They’re easily concealed and generally don’t raise suspicion when noticed in public. Having a knife in your pocket is simply a matter of being prepared for the unknown.

The folks at Bear and Sons have known this for years, offering many options in several categorical styles.

Bold Action IX Carbon Fiber Bolster

The name says it all. The Bold Action IX Carbon Fiber Bolster G10 Handles model features a slim, contoured build with a bold presentation. Simple activation from the forward mounted button unleashes the 3 ¾” Sandvik 14C28N blade steel, honed to ultimate drop-point perfection.

A sliding safety lock keeps the blade securely stored, preventing inadvertent opening when carried in your pocket. The attractive G-10 scales contrast nicely with the carbon fiber bolsters, providing a lightweight, durable build, with easy maintenance. The drop-point designed blade also has thumb-serrations, providing more control and power during strenuous cutting chores. The 3 ¾” Auto Bold has the size and looks of a true gentleman’s knife, but with a surprising temper, for when things go wrong.

A stainless-steel clip allows deep pocket cover, while keeping your blade accessible and at the ready. The clip is reversible for ambidextrous carry. The blade has a subdued black finish. Other features include a lanyard hole for security and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.

The 3 ¾” Auto Bold Action IX is sure to be a hit for all your daily cutting needs, and you’ll be the only one knowing you’re carrying it. The Model number is AC-900-B4-B.

MSRP is $218.75. For more details, visit

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