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Blade-Tech still offers a line-up of founder Tim Wegner’s knife designs.
That’s the Pro Hunter (L) and the Mouse. The $29.99 Klipt holster (with J-Frame)
and the $34.99 Signature OWB (with adjustable belt plate).

Around 1995, if memory serves, Tim Wegner founded Blade-Tech in his garage. A classic American success story — once invested with scads of hard work, forward thinking, skills and good help — Tim was one of the very first to use plastics like Kydex to form holsters and accessories. While others were there at the beginning too, Tim’s penchant for design, craftsmanship, build quality and customer service quickly became a benchmark for the synthetic holster industry.

I got to know Tim at industry events and was impressed by his passion for what he did. In typical entrepreneur fashion, Tim created the designs, made the product, marketed it, took customer calls, shipped orders, made the coffee and dumped the trash. As things got busy, Tim hired help, and not only kept the Blade Tech brand alive, but continued to innovate and keep — and take — market share. He dove into IDPA and other competition fields, supplying “competition-ready” holsters and accessories, and has kept the flame burning brightly.

Today, Blade-Tech’s police duty gear (with holsters covering all three security levels), competition gear, concealed carry products, knives, belts and other accessories makes them a “one-stop shopping” experience for their customers. Tim still gets his hands dirty and has been known to personally make gear for soldiers who were deploying and needed gear fast.

The 1911 holster is the Total Eclipse with lots of belt attachment options. Moving clockwise,
that’s another Klipt (for an S&W Shield), a Signature DMP “Generic” double-mag pouch
(note belt loop) and an Eclipse pouch (note the belt loops for fast on/off). Aluminum grips
are by Wicked Grips.

Keeping It Modern

I recall using some of Tim’s hand-made, formed Kydex holsters in the early days. They always struck me as being over-built, and unlike some early Kydex makers, Tim’s shop always took the time to polish edges, make sure things were squared away, lined-up correctly — and worked. Today it’s no different.

I spent quite a bit of time going over a broad line-up of Blade-Tech’s newest gear. Some things hadn’t changed (attention to detail, design excellence, etc.), and I was impressed by how some things had changed. Taking advantage of new technology, the latest line-up of polymer-based holsters and accessories show excellent design features, with a “less is more” slant. Lightweight — modern polymers are very strong — and showing carefully thought-out qualities; the fit, finish and functionality are all top-notch.

I was also happy to see some belt designs using an extremely innovative locking system. Their Ultimate Carry Belt (UCB) uses what they call their “PreciseFit” ratchet system, like a tiny series of cogs on the back side of the belt. Slid through the buckle they allow adjustments in 1/4″ increments and the belt construction is stout, easily able to handle concealed carry duty. In leather or a heavy-duty nylon, the buckle also has a quick-detach lever allowing the belt to slide open fast. I’m wearing the nylon one daily now and really like it.

Their BT Instructor belt is a sort of “quick-detachable” buckle design allowing you to still easily fit it through most belt loops. This is convenient, as with some “instructor” belts you need to take the darn thing apart to put it on.

I was also pleased to see two of Tim’s knife designs (the Mouse and Pro Hunter) are in production. Tim has always been interested in knives and has designed several classic models that continue to do yeoman duty in the hunting, EDC and tactical markets.

Two versions ofthe UCB Belt made for concealed carry are solidly built.

Holsters And Accessories

I simply don’t have the space to do a comprehensive overview of the holsters Tim sent us. But, painting them with a broad brush, you’ll find them to be classic Blade-Tech style when it comes to fit, function and performance. Newer designs — like the “Klipt” line — show an easy on/off feature. The Signature (one of my favorites) is light and fast, with a passive “click” detent helping to keep the gun in the holster, but not interfering with a fast, smooth draw. It’s perfect for competition, field carry or even CCW with a coat or outer garment.

The Total Eclipse series has many carry options, allowing you to buy one holster, then easily convert it to belt carry, IWB, or adjust cant and take advantage of Blade-Tech’s various options. The ambi-model is a straight drop and is 100 percent ambidextrous. The various mag pouches have so many options you’re sure to find just what you need. And, Blade-Tech’s “Tech Lock” — a truly revolutionary belt-carry clip system — is available for many if not most holsters.

The best part of all this? You’re talking $20 to $50 or so here for the holsters/pouches, depending upon the exact model, so it’s all exceptionally affordable. Say hi to the gang there from us when you call.

For more info:, Ph: (877) 331-5793, email: [email protected]

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