Bleeding Control Kit


Bleeding Control Kit

When I first saw this pitched to me in an email from a marketing firm, I thought it was silly. I mean, who needs a first aid kit that talks to you? But the fact it at least contained what seemed to be good quality components made me agree to take a look at one. This isn’t a cuts and scrapes first-aid kit, but one for serious situations like gunshot wounds, moderate to severe cuts and other bleeding wounds. And, since we all tend to play with dangerous things like guns, knives, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, chainsaws and such, it makes sense to know your way around these sorts of first aid methods.

This kit is simple, easy to open and easy to understand. Inside, they have a “Minor Bleeding” compression dressing bag (green), a “Moderate” bleeding Hemostatic (QuikClot) dressing (yellow bag) and a “Severe Bleeding” tourniquet bag (red). The lid has a red tab saying “Pull” which opens to the three bags (and a small bag containing scissors, Sharpie marker and a bio-hazards bag. The lid has clear, easy to read instructions and good simple illustrations for each bag, meaning no fussing with pamphlets, booklets or other nonsense.

But the real “hook” is you can press a button and it will literally “talk” you through using each of the three dressing kits included. At first I didn’t see the need, then I suddenly realized what if a kid needs to help someone? Or someone who doesn’t read English well, or lost their glasses, or is traumatized and can’t think clearly right then? A pleasant female voice — very calm — talks you through how to use each bag. You can select the instructions by color to match the bag, there’s no need to read a thing. You can fast forward through the instructions, turn the volume up or down and select English or Spanish. You can even pause the instructions, then continue. Once I heard it for myself I suddenly realized the uses. What about elderly people? Someone who has never had any first-aid training? A city bus driver? An office? Get it? At about $189, you’re paying for the features and benefits of this great concept, and if you’ve ever treated arterial bleeding, trust me … it’s a tiny price to pay to save a life.

The company also sent me a small M-FAK mini first aid kit. It too is first class quality. It contains a tourniquet, bandages, chest seal and gloves, rides on a belt easily, stashes in a car or backpack — or your range bag. It can handle traumatic puncture/gunshot wounds and is at-hand if you need it. This is all serious help for serious emergencies. For more info:, Ph: (864) 675-9800

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