bluegrass targets


The Imagesmith Rob Jones, who takes all those snazzy photos for our cover features, turned me on to a new company, at least to me — Bluegrass Targets. These folks manufacture a wide range of AR500 steel targets and complete systems so you can assemble the shooting range of your choice. Like big guns? Be sure to check out the 1/2″ thick AR500 models for magnum use. Rimfire fanatic? You might like the 1/4″ models as they’re a bit lighter for easy transport. They’re fine for “normal” pistol calibers too. Check out the company’s iconic Yeti target in this line for a little extra range fun. I particularly like the options for easy-to-assemble plate rack and swinging target systems. Using clever adapters, you can assemble your own shooting gallery using sections of standard pipe. If you want to hone your trick shot skills, do check out the “Know Your Limits” setup offering a range of swinging targets ranging from 2″ to just 1/4″ in diameter. Can you say “frustration”?

As for Rob, he favors the nicely radiused edges and that satisfying ring when shot.

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