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Life is more demanding and complicated than ever before. It seems we need to pack more gear just to keep up. Remember when you just needed your pockets full and you were good to go? If you’re looking for tools to help you keep pace with life today, we think we’ve got some answers here. Ideas helping you to do more, affordably and without weighing you down, get our attention. Get ’yer pen out to take notes!


Maxpedition’s Valence 10L Tech Sling Pack might be called a “final” iteration of a long line of well-designed daily carry packs. Slim, light and loaded with options, you can sling it over either shoulder and it even includes an ambi hidy-place for your gun. Full of the expected pockets, holders and conveniences you’ve come to expect from this amazing company, “His Editorship Roy” says it’s his favorite tote bag when traveling. Gun’s a custom 9mm Officers ACP by Tussey.

Tulster Holster

The Tulster Profile holster is an ultra-concealable, appendix carry rig, minimizing printing. The trigger guard is undercut to promote a higher grip and allow for a magazine release while the firearm is holstered. That’s very cool. The Profile holster is custom fit to your individual gun for perfect IWB/AIWB carry. The retention and cant settings are adjustable. Everybody’s body is different; make all the adjustments on the Profile to find a fit for yours!


The DeSantis Outback is an ambidextrous OWB/IWB holster. Available in two sizes, it fits almost all concealable handguns. Center-cut steer hide and durable polyurethane team up to make the Outback durable and comfortable. The tuck-able 360 clip allows unlimited positioning as an IWB and can be quickly removed for OWB carry. The twin slotted pancake style OWB carry will keep your gun close and tight. This affordable holster does everything you need it to do!

Nate Squared

Nate Squared Tactical took the comfort of their IWB and focused it on the female form. The “Hers” works with or without a belt to achieve a secure fit. Nate Squared claims the holster can be used for any style of carry. The Hers provides comfort by surrounding the gun. In my own tests, I found this full coverage style helps to keep you cooler and minimizes printing.


The Trident 20 (Gen-2) from Vanquest is a 21-liter backpack supported with ultra-cushioned shoulder and waist straps. It has a padded main compartment and three dividers for your EDC goodies. You can access the interior from the top or left side and there’s a ton of storage in the 34 pockets. The optional hydration system carries up to 5 liters of water. It has mil-grade Cordura fabric coated in Teflon, ITW/Duraflex hardware and lockable YKK zippers. The backpack rocks for my camera gear — what will you use it for?

Daltech Force Belt

The Steel Core Belt from Daltech Force is made from two pieces of distressed American Bison leather with a steel core insert. The 1.5″ belt is finished with a heavy duty antiqued brass roller buckle with Chicago screw fasteners. The leather improves with wear and conforms over time to fit like an extension of your body. This American-made belt can handle any everyday carry gun and looks good while doing it.


SureFire Holster

The SureFire Masterfire Rapid Deploy Holster accommodates a bunch of guns equipped with the Surefire H-Series light. The technology in this innovative holster attains level 3 retention by locking onto the light. This genius design means you can change between guns while keeping your light and holster the same. The thumb release comes with two button-adapters fitting any size hand. The holster is equipped with a light switch allowing the weapon light to engage when the gun is drawn. Turn the switch on when it’s advantageous and off when it’s not. The Masterfire also accommodates silencers and red dot sights.


The Safariland 571 Slim Pro-Fit concealment holster is designed to fit multiple weapons. The 571 GLS uses the same deactivation system with the middle finger and intuitive straight up draw. The 3-hole pattern lets you choose the belt mount option and a single point of adjustment adjusts the tension on the gun. Safariland gave the 571 all the functionality of the full-size holster in a concealed carry size. I love it when the locking mechanism is the same on all my holsters since my muscle memory doesn’t have to remember a bunch of different holsters!

Fobus Holster

The Evolution Holster is a concealable passive retention holster that includes a retention adjustment screw. The tension screw allows for retention pressure to be adjusted based upon personal preference. Featuring a protected sight channel as part of its one-piece body construction, the Evolution is available in several different carry options.

Cannae Pro Gear

The Cannae Pro Gear Optio ambidextrous sling backpack is military grade and function-inspired. The unique flip top on the main compartment is large enough to hold a 13″ laptop and accessories. And the rigidity of the pack won’t collapse on you while you’re digging for your charger. The Optio has an organizer in the front for all your accessories and a side compartment for quick grab items. The front compartment of the Optio is set up for easy adjustment of your holster. The Optio is a great everyday “every way” pack to sling your gear and carry your gun, no matter the terrain.

Xpedition Pants

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