cat tourniquet


Cat Tourniquet

Before rolling your eyes at the “tactical tourniquet” craze, consider this. A hospital worker acquaintance of mine applied seven of them in just one week. That’s because tourniquets aren’t just for the rare gunshot wound — they can save lives from many types of severe extremity bleeds. While you may not encounter a gunshot wound in your lifetime, odds are pretty high you’ll be a first responder to some type of accident sooner or later.

The CAT Tourniquet is simple to use with basic training. The hook and loop adjustment design makes it easy to apply to your own arm or leg in a pinch. Once “rough-sized” with the Velcro, crank down the windlass and lock it in place. There’s even a tab on which to write the time of application.

I keep them in my shooting bag and car because you never know. You just might save a life.

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