I Can’t Carry a Full-Sized Gun

Yes. You. Can. You don’t need NFL linebacker body proportions to carry a mid or even full-size gun. It may not be as effortless and convenient as packing a pocket mini-sub-micro-compact, but you sure as heck can hide a larger handgun if you want. Unless you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to resort to inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry to make it work. The way I see it, with IWB, muzzle length is “free” since it’s hidden inside your pants. Who cares if the muzzle extends two or five inches? The challenge lies with hiding the larger grip.

Enter a holster solution to help hide the extra bulk. Clinger Holsters came up with a nifty invention called the No Print Wonder. This polymer holster shell mounts to your belt using a clever hinged approach. The front clip attaches to the holster body with a flexible piece of either rubber or leather, depending on the specific model. The rear clip mounts to the holster body via a rigid piece of polymer. When you fasten the rear clip to the belt, it pulls the holster body in tight to the curve of your body thanks to that flexible hinge in the front. Voila! The full-height grip of a large pistol like a 1911 or service pistol tucks in close and doesn’t tent the back of your cover garment. It really works. I regularly carry a 1911, full-size Sig Sauer P320, and other similar guns wearing shorts and a T-shirt for cover. Piece of cake.

Do be sure to order the optional Clinger Cushion. This padded backer attaches to any polymer holster and provides a comfy interface between your body and the holster itself. Just attach the self-adhesive hook and loop dots to the back of the holster body, and you can easily move the padded portion between multiple holsters.