CRKT Woods Nobo T-Hawk


I’m one of those fortunate fellows who lives in the country on his own land. We shoot, do a bit of hunting, fish in the pond and love it all dearly. But what we do the most are chores! If it’s daylight outside (and I’m not stuck in my home office) I’m likely on the tractor, in the E-Z-Go, lugging a chain saw, taking care of deadfall, pushing dirt or rocks here or there, mowing acres of pasture, fixing fences, taking care of the vegetable garden, chickens when we have ’em, welding broken implements and other such things. Over the years I’ve found one tool tending to collect in various places, and that’s a good tomahawk of one sort or another. The tractor, E-Z-Go, ATV, trucks, etc. all have one, and there’s usually one handy in the shop, garage, pole barn and other places. I gave up on the $10 cheap ones. The handles break too easily, the head chips or breaks and they just don’t hold an edge.

A “hawk” is lighter than most hatchets and the longer, straight shaft, lightweight head and unique designs of the cutting edge makes them tend to make quick work of your cutting chores. I also like the fact they are a fast, handy and effective weapon if you need one. Also, a traditional-looking hawk is virtually invisible and doesn’t scream “weapon” like some of the aggressive tactical models out there.

The Nobo, at about $69 isn’t exactly cheap and it’s not exactly expensive either. But it’s first-class in every respect. I like the forged carbon steel head and “basic” shape of the cutting edges. Nothing fancy, just what you need to get the work done. The hickory handle is tough and almost impossible to break. At 19″ overall and about 1 lb. 9 ounces, it’s light and easy to use. The sheath is extra, if you need one. After I took this pretty picture I put it to work over the past few months. It’s now my official tractor tool and has passed every test with flying colors! For more info:; Ph: (503) 685-5015

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