Crossbreed Reckoning Holster


Hybrid holsters are comfortable and stable thanks to the large back panel between your handgun and body. With a basic design of a Kydex shell fastened to a leather backer, you don’t have the option of adjusting retention because the backer material, usually leather, can flex.

The Reckoning holster from CrossBreed overcomes the challenge with a new hybrid approach. You can tighten the mount screws between the Kydex shell and leather back. Rubber washers in between allow you to adjust retention pressure. There’s also a separate retention device under the trigger guard. Using an Allen key, increase or decrease pressure on the trigger guard. This system is independent of the backing-to-shell pressure, allowing fine tuning of retention strength.

This is a hybrid holster that passes the shake test with flying colors. With an unloaded gun inserted, turn it upside down and shake. With retention set, it won’t fall out. For more info:

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