Dualie Wayport Light


How many flashlights are enough? Um … uh … about 150. At least at a minimum. But if you don’t have the “flashlight gene” like so many of us do, this may be the last light you buy in your lifetime. Called the Dualie Waypoint by Streamlight, it’s “dualie” because it has a strong spot and a flood. It’s actually really clever. The spot goes “out the front” and is handy and easy to aim with the handle. The flood is actually pointing down, under the light and is perfect for the trail, tent, working on a car, in camp and that sort of thing. You can also run both at the same time if you need to.

I really appreciate the fact it uses good old “C” batteries. For the spot, high is 750 lumens for 3.5 hours, medium is 500 lumens for six hours and low is 35 lumens (still easy to see with) at 125 hours. That’s 5.2 days of light in a pinch! The flood is 500 lumens for five hours (and enough light to rebuild an engine in the desert), medium is 250 lumens for 12.5 hours and low is a nice, soothing 25 lumens (plenty to read with at night) for an amazing 170 hours — seven days of light!

Mine’s banged around my place here for about four months now and it’s taken to living in the E-Z-Go utility vehicle and is pretty much constant use when I’m out in the dark. It’s got a stand so it’s easy to set-up to work with and it can hang too. This is as near a “do-everything” light as I have, and the conventional batteries means no need to wait for a re-charge, just toss new batteries in. MSRP is about $95 but I’m seeing them in the real world for around $60 and that’s a lot of handiness for not a lot of money. It’s smaller than you think, and that’s a 12-ga. shell in the pic for size.

How many flashlights are enough? Maybe just one. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/streamlight-inc; Streamlight, Ph: (800) 523-7488

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