Fenix TK15 Ultimate Edition Flashlight


Not too long ago, a thousand-lumen flashlight that fits in your pocket and costs less than $100 would’ve been a laughable suggestion. Throw in LED technology and programmable modes, and you’d be looking at the flashlight equivalent of a moonshot program. But here we are today and the impossible is now available.

What we’re talking about is the Fenix TK15 Ultimate Edition flashlight, replacing the company’s earlier TK15C and featuring a lot of upgrades over the earlier model. Priced at an MSRP of $74.95, the light is offered in black or cadet gray and employs CREE XP-L HI V3 LED technology. What does all the technical jargon really mean? It means you get a light with a claimed lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Rather than just a simple “on/off” control system, the TK15 features five programmable modes to tailor the light output to your specific needs. Want to unleash the power of the sun? Then set it to Turbo mode and have 1,000 lumens with a throw distance of 1,066 ft. and a run time of two hours. High mode takes you down to 350 lumens with a 636-ft. throw and nearly 41/2 hours of usage, while Mid mode drops to 150 lumens with a 410-ft. throw and 111/2 hours of power. Low mode takes you down to 10 lumens with a 102-ft. throw and an astounding 135 hours of runtime. A dizzying strobe setting runs at the full 1,000 lumens. And all this off two CR123A batteries.

The body of the light is made from tough aluminum with a hard-anodized finish and has an overall length of 5.6″ and a light weight of 5 oz. Control of the light is made up of a “tactical” momentary and on/off tail switch. A “function” switch on the side allows you to select through the modes and enter the strobe setting. The light’s programmable system “remembers” the last brightness setting used and recalls it when turned on. A strike bezel on the front face gives the light some extra “oomph” for use against an unpleasant opponent, and a steel pocket clip helps keep it positioned properly in your pocket for carry.

The Ultimate Edition light comes with the light, a nylon holster, lanyard, spare O-Ring and spare rubber switch boot. Batteries are not included. If you want to upgrade a bit more, then consider the “Bundle” option that includes the light, rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, smart charger, USB wall adapter and a light diffuser for $132.95. Step up to the “Tactical Bundle” for $155.95 and you also get a remote pressure switch and flashlight mounting ring. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/fenix ; Fenix Ph: (800) 616-1326

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