Think old-school here, one man working alone in his shop making very precise sights for a modest range of revolvers and uses. Fermin Garza is that man. I’ve been fortunate to get to know of his work through John Taffin, Jeff “Tank” Hoover and Doc Barranti of Barranti Leather. These guys know their stuff so when they recommended Fermin’s work, who am I to say anything but yes? Fermin sent me this cross-section of his “2 Dogs Custom Single-Six Sight” in various sight blade widths. Keep in mind, this is true custom work, so Fermin offers options and you can tailor them to your needs. While these fit Ruger Single Six revolvers — and come with the correct screw — you can also use them for custom bigger bore guns, and even heavy-barreled .22 autos if you custom-fit the sight base. Each project might be different and Fermin’s sights offer a solid steel option you can build on.

These sights are a standard width front of 0.125″, but Mr. Garza offers custom widths of 0.115″, 0.110″, 0.100″ and 0.085″ for a small additional fee. I’ve found, especially as I’ve aged, seeing “more light” on either side of the front sight makes the sight picture brighter and clearer for me. Keep in mind, a narrower front sight might be right for you, rather than a wider, bolder look. Or increasing the width of the rear sight slot may serve the same purpose while keeping a front sight slightly wider to be more rugged.

Fermin also offers a range of other custom sights. The Bearcat sights make those little guns even better, the 2 Dogs Custom TLA front gives you repeatable hold-over lines and the BFR fronts give you custom options if you have one of those burly revolvers. Fermin’s custom pin-in blades help with custom front sight ideas, his retro 2 Dogs Mirrored Sights harken to the classic King Gun Sights originals and his “Custom Dovetail Sights” allow unlimited ideas for custom pistolsmiths. Sights start in the $59 range and go to close to the $100 range, depending on design and options. Fermin encourages you to reach out to him with questions and to help ordering the sight you need. Classic sights — and a classic craftsman — offering top-quality at affordable prices. Imagine that. Ph: (361) 960-3697


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