All stacked neatly in a row before me. An assortment of 12 flathead and Phillips bits, not counting the two in use. The center-axis driver is what initially attracted me to the Gerber multi-tool, weary of searching for the family screwdriver set. Great for small projects, quick and on-the-go fixes, this tool has already proven its worth in small car repairs, like pulling fuses in a failed attempt to fix my haunted radio. Though a bit on the heavy side at 9.5 oz., this tool is well-built and sturdy — nothing on it requires babying. Besides the 3.2″ center-axis driver that aligns like a real screwdriver, the rigid set of needle-nose pliers with rotatable carbide wire cutters and strippers impressed me. An assortment of 14 tools does not overwhelm, and each has a locking mechanism for both safety and efficient use.

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