Gun Grungy?

Let These Dirt Demolishers Lend A Hand

The Hoppe’s all new state-of-the-art Gun Medic line of products were developed to “resuscitate” dirty firearms. Gun Medic products clean and lubricate your guns quickly in one easy step. Gun Medic evaporates in a minute, leaving behind the perfect thin coat of lubrication. Because it gets its technology from jet propulsion engines, the lube can withstand temps from -65 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This one step cleaner and lube is the ultimate quick fix on the range.

The Breakthrough Pistol Cleaning Kit is available for almost every caliber and it has everything you need the keep your pistol hygiene in check. These cleaning kits have it all: cleaning rods, brushes, jags, a durable polymer “T” handle, patch holders and cotton patches. The mini bottles of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent and Battle Born High-Purity Oil are also included. Bonus-wise, the kits come in a mini organizer. With an MSRP of less than 20 bucks, this grab-and-go kit is a no-brainer!

VTAC RAND CLP is an eco-friendly All-In-One. RAND CLP uses a rare blend of vegetable oil and nanoparticles and is nontoxic, odorless and safe on all metals, polymers and woods. This technology allows these nano-particles to work their way into the metal forming a protective shield against rust, carbon and dirt. RAND claims the vegetable oil acts as a “scavenger” as it lifts the carbon/fouling from the metal. Over repeated uses, RAND says the cleaning process gets easier each time, and who doesn’t want that?

Otis Mission Critical MC-10 is a cleaner high performance lubricant system designed for extreme conditions. MC-10 lubricant will not freeze, burn or carbonize, even under the most extreme conditions. MC-10 is ideal for metal-on-metal contact points but is safe for all surfaces. The cleaner removes oils and contaminants from metal surfaces while the lube coats and protects. Mission Critical is perfect for high demand operations and everyday enthusiasts — like us — who want to take their gun care to the next level.

LeadOff foaming hand soap by Hygenall, removes all the range hazards from your hands. LeadOff removes dirt and germs using a foam, gentle enough to replace your bathroom soap. It removes lead, cadmium, zinc, mercury, arsenic, nickel, copper and most other metals. LeadOff is free of EDTA, phosphates, betains or other harmful chemicals and is perfect for all wastewater systems. LeadOff is a great addition to any decontamination area, on the range or at home. Take this danger seriously, and make sure you clean-up after shooting or reloading.

Break Free CLP is the all-in-one formula for gun care. This one step product cleans, lubricates and protects, cleaning built up residue from a day at the range or competition. CLP is safe for all the moving parts, simultaneously reducing friction and protecting from corrosion. CLP formula does not deteriorate under high temperatures or extreme pressure. It’s comprised of polymerized synthetic oils, plus special, friction-reducing, anti-wear additives. Break Free CLP is an all-inclusive solution, time and battle-tested for excellence. Call it old-school if you like, but it works.

The AVID Range Station is a must-have for any day at the range. The padded mat comes in a self-storing hard case measuring 12″x24″ and fits easily into any range bag. The Range Station repels oils and solvents, providing a place to clean your gun, complete with a tray for supplies and parts. When you’re not cleaning on the Range Station you can use it for reloading, using the same tray for magazines and ammo. AVID put the final touch on the Range Station by printing safety rules right on the mat — no excuses now, eh?

The Gunslick Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner tank is for the shooter serious about gun hygiene. The Gunslick cleaner is a 3.2-quart stainless steel tank ready to remove grease, dirt and fouling. Use one of five preset temperature settings and set the timer from 5 to 30 minutes to match your parts-cleaning needs. You don’t have to be jealous of those fancy gun baths at the range anymore. Now you can have your own.

Tetra Gun’s products are famous for, simply put — working. Their “Action Blaster” is synthetic-safe and can be used on all polymers, plastics and metals. A spray cleaner like this is really handy and can remove solvent, lubes, carbon and powder fouling, even deeply rooted inside an action or grip-frame. You spray (wear eye protection), wipe off then lube as you see fit. Fast and easy, I use products like this every time I clean my guns. Good for fishing reels and small parts of all sorts too.

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