Gunnysack: Fisher Space Pens


A Fisher Space Pen has been on every space flight since Apollo 7 — for good reason. These innovative tools use special pressurized cartridges, so they write in almost any conditions, like underwater or on greasy surfaces. We’re talking about them here as a reliable writing instrument, one of your most valuable EDC tools. Capture a description or tag number, write on a tourniquet or just complete everyday tasks.

I carry the Bullet model with a clip because it’s tiny and takes up little pocket space. For outdoor or range use, consider the Backpacker with a key ring. For rugged use or when wearing gloves, consider the CLUTCH.

There are approximately 600 trillion models of the Space Pen, so there’s sure to be one fitting your needs and preferences. They’ll even engrave it so buddies will be less tempted to “borrow” yours.

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