Hogue grip sleeves are nothing new. I added one to a GLOCK 32 well over a decade ago and it did a yeoman’s job of taming the sharper recoil of that hot little bottleneck .357 SIG round. Back then, grip sleeves were … sleeves.
The newer HandAll models are still slip-on accessories but perform more like permanent grip modifications — a good thing. The sleeve is sturdier and as the name implies, extends all the way up to cover most of the beavertail. I appreciate the finger grooves up front. The result is a sure grip surface that also changes the whole profile by adding “meat.” For slim single stacks and compact pistols, you’ll get a more usable surface area.

Do follow the instructions precisely, even the odd suggestions. These grips are tight, and somewhat difficult to install. That’s a good thing as they won’t move or rotate like earlier models — at all. HogueInc.com

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