Holosun has come on strong in the durable handgun red dot category with models ready and well-suited for hard use, in part thanks to Titanium bodies surrounding the more delicate electronic parts.

One of the standout features of this optic is the “target” reticle — a 32 MOA circle surrounding a 2 MOA center red dot. It’s an addictive sight picture once you try it. You can also run with just the outer circle or center dot only.

The side-mounted battery tray means no change of zero when swapping the battery every 50,000 hours or so and its Shake Awake technology ensures the dot is on and ready to go when the gun is moving. Last but certainly not least is the solar panel mini-farm on the top. If you do manage to run a battery dry, the unit still runs on solar power. Holosun.com

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