Acebeam P15 Tactical Light

EDC Tactical Light and Rail-Mounted Light in One!

Tired of needing something different for everything? Stacking up piles of items because one only works for use A, another for use B, etc. The Acebeam P15 Tactical Light directly addresses this challenge, offering a host of uses and mounting options.

The P15 is sold in two configurations, as an EDC tactical light and as a rail-mounted light. Removing the back clip convenient for everyday carry allows for Picatinny and MLOK mounting on a firearm. It’s this capability that sets Acebeam’s P15 apart – moving between a back clip with removal or addition of two screws to Picatinny and MLOK mounting options.


The light itself outputs 1,700 lumens, reaching distances out to 330 meters. Its compact size allows ultimate portability and at 5.34 ounces, it doesn’t weigh down your pocket. Also convenient is the built-in customized 18650 lithium battery. The customized 18650 battery is both negative and positive in the same pole and uses threads to conduct, integrating the charging signal and tail switch. This design increases reliability and durability. According to Acebeam, “The card slot magnetic can be charged and can be connected to the mouse tail wire control.”

A red light indicates charging which turns green when complete – only 2.5 hours to full charge. For secure charging, one end of the USB cord slides on to the unit and is secured with a lock ring. No more leaving a loose cord for an hour only to discover nothing happened! The same quick-function switch allowing for secure charging provides modularity for attaching other accessories.


With five settings and a strobe, you can vary both the intensity of light and life of your battery.

Mode Lumens Distance Length of Time
Ultra-Low 2 N/A 35 days
Low 45 40 meters 37 hours
Mid 200 120 meters 8.5 hours
High 600 200 meters 2 hours, 45 min
Turbo 1,700 330 meters 1 hour, 45 min
Strobe 1,200 N/A N/A

The strobe setting is especially useful for disorientation of a threat. Easily concealed in the palm of a hand with ergonomic controls, LED technology makes this small package potent. This light boasts circuit efficiency up to 95% as well as a hardened dual AR coated lens and light transmittance up to 99%. Made of high strength aluminum alloy and a type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, it’s built to last. The P15 is impact-resistant to 1.5 meters and can survive accidental drops. It’s also designed for use in foul weather and is waterproof up to 2 meters underwater.

The P15 is compatible with an optional tactical ring for more convenient carry options, though the clip works with MOLLE systems. The EDC package retails for $114.90, while the rail mounted version, at $139.90, comes with extras including a remote switch and M-Lok mount. As an added bonus, you don’t need to disassemble the light to charge it. The included mount positions the light at either the 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock positions. The remote switch locks on to ensure safety and control of the unit.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose light easily chargeable on the go, look no further. Whether you are protecting your family, accessorizing your firearm or merely looking through your garage in the dark, the Acebeam P15 has you covered.

Acebeam P15 Tactical Light

Acebeam P15 EDC

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