MGM Steel Challenge Rack


MGM Steel Rack

We just loved shooting runs on this rack when family was visiting not too long ago. MGM also calls it a “A plate rack in a bucket” for good reasons — it’s shipped to you in a steel bucket. This is one of those products you can’t break, there’s no batteries needed, you can drop it, kick it, shoot it, toss it into the truck bed and you can’t hurt it. Just my sort of goodie. Made of the same 3/8″ thick AR-550 8″ HexPlate hexagon-shaped targets as other MGM targets, they can withstand pistol calibers easily and even rifle calibers at longer ranges.

The set comes with six targets, six hooks and two beam hangers. The easy way to get things up and running is simply buy three eight-foot wood studs and cut two in half. Those are used for the legs and the other eight-footer is used to hang the targets. It honestly takes about one or two minutes to assemble. You can also space the plates out or scrunch ’em together — or even place them in odd arrangements on the cross-bar — as you see fit. A longer bar would mean more spacing options. The kit weighs about 44 lbs. and the bucket is a handy way to store and transport the kit.

We shot the heck out of it with 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Super and even some .44 Magnum and it shrugged everything off neatly. MGM is famous for a long line of innovative and often pretty darn fancy targets and shooting systems, and their experience in metal working shows in this very simple and friendly to use kit. Their model name is “Steel Challenge Plate Rack.” It’s $299 at review time, and they listed free shipping too, but this might change. While you’re on their website, make sure to check out their .22 targets. There’s nothing like a dueling tree to spice up plinking time! For more info:; MGM, Ph: (888) 767-7371, [email protected]

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