New Products Jan/Feb 2019 Issue


Work Sharp

Pocket Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp’s Pocket Knife Sharpener offers complete field sharpening for all knife types and blade steels. It is lightweight, compact and easily stows in any gear bag, tackle box, toolbox or jacket pocket. Use it in the field, backcountry, camp, or wherever your adventures take you. The open sharpening platform lets you sharpen any type of knife. Precision sharpening and honing guides set a consistent edge angle every time, making it fast and easy to sharpen on the go. For more info: (800) 418-1439,

Wilson Combat

92G Vertec Brigadier Tactical

A Wilson Combat/Beretta Brigadier Tactical 92 with a Vertec-grip frame conversion is now offered by Wilson Combat. The conversion reduces the size of the frame to the smaller Beretta Vertec size that’s ideal for shooters with smaller hands or who prefer the straighter, more 1911 style grip. Wilson Combat’s gunsmiths reduced the grip frame, checkered the backstrap to match the front and refinished the frame in matte Black Armor-Tuff. The Brigadier Tactical 92G pistol has a capacity of 15, a barrel length of 4.7″ and an OAL of 8.25″. For more info: (800) 955-4856,

Impressum Media

Firearms Guide 9th Edition

Impressum Media introduces the 9th Edition of their Firearms Guide that’s published online at for gun enthusiasts worldwide. It is also available as the Firearms Guide 9th Edition Flash Drive & Online Combo, a shelf-ready product with free updates. With this new combo you get two products — off-line and online editions that include a reference guide with over 73,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns and ammunition and a gun value guide that’s useful for gun traders and collectors. For more info:


SPECTRUM .380 With Viridian Laser

The SPECTRUM .380 Auto is part of the Taurus SPECTRUM series of micro handguns. It has ergonomic soft-touch overmold panels incorporated into the grip and slide allowing firearm retention and operation even under stressful conditions. It is offered in many color options so buyers can add a custom flair to their handgun. Now, the SPECTRUM .380 Auto also comes with Viridian laser sights. Developed specifically for those who want to carry concealed, the trigger guard-mounted Viridian E Series Red Laser Sight offers the maximum intensity allowed from a red laser sight for target acquisition. For more info: (305) 624-1115,


VELO Holster

The VELO Holster is designed for easy concealment and daily use. It is worn “appendix carry” in front of the hip at the one o’clock position (for right handed shooters). The VELO Holster conceals effectively by being slim thereby reducing the gun’s profile. Wearing the gun in front eliminates side bulges even the best IWB holster can’t hide. Made of 0.093″ thick thermoplastic, the VELO’s all-steel hardware with threaded lock washers assures durability. Each holster is molded to fit. Profiled at the top, the VELO supports most conventional slide-mounted red dot sights. The open bottom works with several different slide lengths and muzzle devices, including threaded barrels and muzzle brakes. For more info:

Flying Circle

GTFO Top Load Duffel Backpack

The GTFO Top Load Duffel Backpack is inspired by military duffel bags. It’s ideal for military use, travel, camping, hunting, sports and more. The compact design makes it easy to carry lots of gear. Made of water-resistant polyester fabric, the backpack has a bottom strap to carry items like a rolled jacket or sleeping bag, a large front zippered pocket to store smaller items, a side mesh pocket for water bottles, and more. GTFO stands for “Gear That Fights On.” For more info: (800) 344-7242),

Mag pump

9mm Luger Magazine Loader

MagPump’s 9mm Luger Magazine Loader reduces magazine loading time by more than 50 percent and eliminates hand fatigue caused by repetitive magazine loading. It is available in two models: Standard and Elite. The former is made of lightweight and durable polymer while the latter is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet and black anodized with laser engraving. The 9mm Luger Magazine Loader is compatible with double-stacked mags for many handgun models of SIG, GLOCK, Springfield Armory, S&W M&P, CZ USA and Ruger. For more info: (585) 444-9812,

Diamond D Holster

Alaska Hunter

The Alaska Hunter leather gun holster is a hip holster for easy carry. Three screws on the back of the holster allow a belt to slide through the loop. The screws can also be removed and put back so the holster can be wrapped around a backpack or any strap that cannot be disconnected. The Alaska Hunter, available in natural, brown or black, can be paired with the Alaska Hunter Drop Loop. Up to seven extra ammo slots can be added to the drop loop depending on your round. For more info: (907) 631-4212,


Advanced Gear Research Line

Building upon the success of their Riftcore design, Maxpedition now offers the larger 30L Riftblade and the more compact 15L Riftpoint. The trio is part of the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) Line of ergonomic concealed carry capable backpacks. Maxpedition’s AGR line aims to build military-grade tactical gear that combines custom materials and components with modernized aesthetics. For more info: (310) 768-0098,

MTR Leather

Paddle Holster (A-8)

MTR’s Paddle Holster (A-8) is an OWB holster that’s easy to wear and easy to take off. With an open-top design allowing full combat-grip accessibility, the MTR Paddle Holster can be worn in three configurations: Straight Draw, Forward Cant, or 15-degree Reverse Cant. It’s custom cut and molded with a leather full sweat shield/body shield to keep the gun’s sharp edges from hurting the wearer and protect the gun from body oils and sweat as well. The holster conceals the full barrel and trigger guard and can be worn with or without a belt. For more info: (336) 879-2166,


Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit for the M&P Shield 2.0 replaces the factory-hinged trigger with a solid aluminum body. Replacing the original trigger reduces trigger pre-travel and over-travel by about 20 percent. The replacement trigger features a smooth face with a center-mounted pivoting safety bar preventing unintended operation. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit contains one aluminum action enhancement trigger for the M&P Shield 2.0 and one slave pin for installing the trigger return spring. For more info: (623) 322-0200,


Quick Slide Holster

Galco Gunleather’s second generation Quick Slide Holster can now fit the GLOCK .45/10mm, GLOCK 42, S&W M&P service series, S&W Shield and SIG SAUER P938. It was originally introduced to fit 1911’s and the GLOCK 17/19/26 as well as 43. The Quick Slide’s near-neutral cant and open top make drawing and holstering fast and simple. A passive retention device at the trigger guard provides security. A lined steerhide backplate complements the rigid Kydex holster pocket. Mounted to the belt via two widely spaced snap loops, the Quick Slide pulls in to the body for concealment without unnecessary bulk. For more info: (623) 434-7070,


Composite Material Laser Enhanced Grips

Hogue’s Composite Material Laser Enhanced (LE) Grips for 1911 model autoloaders are now available with piranha grip textured G10 or finely checkered reinforced wood laminate. Hogue’s LE Grips have a fully programmable, digital microprocessor circuit with three operating modes and four brightness levels. Power comes from two CR-2032 batteries under the grip on the non-laser side. Each LE Grip is bore-sighted at the factory; fine windage and elevation adjustments are available via small set screws. For more info: (800) 438-4747,

PT Magz

EZ Speedloader

With the EZ Speedloader by PT Magz, sore fingers are a thing of the past. It allows easier and faster loading — as much as two to three times faster than the conventional way. The 1911/45 ACP. magazine has a patented telescoping device incorporated into the mag itself. When you pull back the handle and lock it into place, the spring pressure is relieved thus making loading effortless and fast. For more info: (847) 566-2229,

Tano+  tangodown

Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger

TangoDown has added the VTCT-001 and VTCT-002 to the Vickers Tactical lineup. The two models of the Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger will fit a variety of GLOCK models. The flat-faced trigger is injection molded from the same polymer used by GLOCK. VCT triggers are insulators and not heat conductors so they won’t abrade or create wear to damage the frame and possibly disabling the trigger safety. The triggers can easily be installed by a certified GLOCK armorer. For more info: (909) 392-4757,

Bear & Son

Kimura Butterfly Knife

The Kimura Butterfly Knife features a 33/4″ 154CM steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 58-60. The blade has a bead-blast finish and a taper-ground edge. The handles are stainless steel with 3D-milled and contoured G10 handles. Pivot bearings ensure smooth deployment. Length is 53/8″ closed and 9″ open; weight is 6.2 oz. A matching stainless steel T-latch keeps the Kimura secure in its closed or open positions. For more info: (800) 844-3034,

Mec Gar

Plus-2 Aluminum Magazine Adapter

The Plus-2 Adapter is a replacement floorplate set to increase the capacity on Mec-Gar flush fitting magazines. Mec-Gar now offers an aluminum version. Made of 7075 aircraft grade, hard-anodized aluminum, the Plus-2 Aluminum Magazine Adapter fits most Mec-Gar double-stack 9mm and .40 S&W magazines and is geared for the competition shooter to add capacity as well as more easily meet the maximum firearm size requirements. The aluminum adapter is available in blue, red or gray and comes with a metal locking plate. For more info: (860) 635-1525,


Ibex-26 Backpack

The Ibex-26 is a 26-liter backpack that “clamshells” open and offers fast access to gear. The “gray-man” design allows it to blend in today’s urban environments. Features include an inside sleeve offering a hydration bladder or laptop storage, a lockable YKK #10 zipper with extra large zipper pulls, front shock-cord field with a Hypalon “Duck Foot,” 3D side pockets with Hypalon MOLLE-Air panels, and hook-and-loop panels and ToughMesh pockets for more organization and storage. For more info: (949) 216-8880,


Captains of Crush Grippers

Touted as the gold standard of grippers, Captains of Crush Grippers help build a powerful grip. It features knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles and GR springs for strengthening the fingers to make squeezing the trigger easier, round after round. A strong grip also helps increase recoil control for improved accuracy. For more info: (530) 272-3579,


Tac-Lite #117

The Tac-Lite #117 and Speed-Lite #132 from DeSantis Gunhide are built from premium leather in black or tan. Molded to exact specifications for a secure and concealable carry, these models feature three slots for multiple carry options. Both models fit the SIG P320 or P250 Full Size with Surefire x300 and Streamlight TLR-1. For more info: (631) 841-6300,

Walther Arms


Walther Arms introduces the CCP M2, a carry gun with a visible cocking indicator and an innovative tool-less takedown. It also retains the soft-coil recoil reduction system and signature ergonomics already found in Walther’s original CCP. The 9mm CCP M2 has an 8-round capacity and a barrel length of 3.54″. Other features include 3-dot polymer sights, a Picatinny rail, a 5.5-lb. trigger pull, front and rear slide serrations, an ambi magazine release and a non-slip grip surface. For more info: (479) 242-8500,


RTS2R Red Dot Sight

The RTS2R Red Dot Sight from C-More is all about speed. Champion shooters worldwide use the RTS2R to win regional, national and world championships. Featuring a larger lens, bigger dot sizes and a lightweight design, the RTS2R outperforms the competition with faster target acquisition and proven performance. For more info: (540) 347-4683,


Safe Escape Auto Tool

The Safe Escape Auto Tool from SABRE Security Equipment is a 3-in-1 Auto Tool designed for your safety. SABRE’s maximum strength pepper gel can keep attackers at bay; the stainless-steel glass breaker allows speedy escapes; and the seatbelt cutter tears through malfunctioning belts when you’re literally in a bind. For more info: (800) 325-9568,


Ammo Caddy

Versacarry’s Ammo Caddy comes with a cartridge holder, a belt attachment holder and an adhesive Velcro pad. The Ammo Caddy’s cartridge holder has Velcro sewn to its back and can be attached to or removed from the rifle Velcro pad quickly and effortlessly. The Velcro used is military grade so it holds fast! The Ammo Caddy allows for quick removal in the field and provides an option of moving ammo from the user’s belt to the weapon. It is initially offered for the following ammo: .223, .308, 30-06, 25-06, 270, .300 Win Mag, .375 H&H, 45-70, 357/38spl, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor and more. For more info: (979) 820-3267,


ScopeSlicker NX

Alpine Innovations’ ScopeSlicker NX covers a scope and stays on it. Two retaining bands that fit under the optic secure the lightweight, waterproof scope cover. Lift both ends of the cover up while scoping; flip down when you need to protect the scope from the elements. The 0.5mm neoprene cover even has two microfiber cleaning cloths attached to each end to keep your optics free from smudges and dust. Offered in two camo patterns, the ScopeSlicker NX fits scopes ranging from 12″ to 20″ in length. The cover’s flexible fit even accommodates scopes with tall or large turrets. For more info: (801) 766-4994,

henry rifle

Long Ranger Deluxe

The Long Ranger Deluxe is an upgrade in elegance of the blued Henry Long Rangers. While crafted to the same specs as the original, the Long Ranger Deluxe delights with its lightweight alloy receiver plated in highly polished nickel. The engraved scroll on both side flats is lightly accented with 24K gold inlay. Like the original, the Long Ranger Deluxe comes in the same .223 Rem/.556 NATO, .243 Winchester, and .308 Winchester calibers. Other features include a round 20″ barrel, checkered American walnut furniture, straight-wrist stock, adjustable folding rear sight and 0.062″ ramped ivory bead front and more. For more info: (201) 858-4400,


Appendix Carry AIWB and MiniTuck Holsters

The Appendix Carry AIWB and the MiniTuck from Crossbreed Holsters fit the Taurus G2c. The former is designed to comfortably carry small- to medium-frame pistols, such as the G2c, in front of the torso or via “appendix carry.” The latter is for deep-concealment carry of the G2c. The Appendix Carry AIWB features a durable steel waistband clip for secure IWB wear. The MiniTuck has dual SnapLok clips that allow the shooter to adjust cant and ride height for a comfortable fit at the rear of the shooter’s draw side. Both holsters are made of premium cowhide leather combined with Kydex. For more info: (417) 732-5011,

TOPS Knives

Tundra Trekker

The Tundra Trekker, designed by Leo Espinoza, has the heavy balance blade and general shape of TOPS Knives’ standard kukris. However it is thinner and lighter than traditional ones. With an overall length of 14.25″, it can be used to chop wood, make traps and tent pegs, clear brush, and more. The knife comes with an open-backed Kydex sheath with a leather dangler for easy carry. The knife’s 9″-long, 0.19″-thick blade is made of 1095 RC 56-58 with a Tactical Stone finish. The handle is Green Canvas Micarta. For more info: (208) 542-0113,

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