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Riv GiantMouse Knives

GiantMouse Knives

Good things come in small packages. That’s true for GiantMouse Knives’ Riv, a compact folder in the company’s ACE line of folding knives. The Riv has a green canvas Micarta version (sold through dealers) and brass and titanium versions (only available on the GiantMouse website). The knives have an OAL of 5.75″ and feature a 2.44″-long Elmax blade steel, a ball bearing pivot and a titanium frame lock. MSRP: From $195. For more info:


Heritage Manufacturing, Inc.

The Barkeep is one of Heritage Manufacturing’s classic-style single-action revolvers. The pint-sized Barkeep has an Old West flair and was inspired by the 19th Century Colt “Storekeeper” model. Chambered in .22LR, it ships with a 6-shot rimfire cylinder but also works with an interchangeable .22 WMR 6-shot cylinder. With an OAL of 7.95″, the Barkeep has a 2″ barrel, fixed open sights and standard black oxide or case hardened frame finish. It comes in two models: Gray Pearl (in picture) and Custom Scroll Wood. MSRP: $189.13 and $180.30 respectively. For more info: (229) 515-8099,

Gun-Max Gun Oil

Real Avid

Real Avid presents Gun-Max Gun Oil — a firearms lubricant to enhance corrosion resistance and provide lasting lubrication under friction and low-temperature viscosity. It’s available in 120-oz. aerosol and 4-oz. bottles. The aerosol cans are equipped with a flip-up two-position spray nozzle that folds down and stores with the can — allowing for a broad spray application in the down position or a precise stream when using the straw. Gun-Max is chemically formulated to remain fluid at -20° F and won’t become sludge when the weather turns arctic. MSRP: $12.99 for 12-oz. aerosol can; $8.99 for 4-oz. liquid bottle. For more info: (800) 286-0567,

OT2 Combat Cut Holster

N8 Tactical

N8 Tactical introduces the OT2 Combat Cut Holster for mid- to full-size pistols. It is a comfortable IWB holster merging N8 Tactical’s Original and Tuckable Holster designs into a new platform that’s ergonomic and compatible to all-day wear. The Combat Cut design allows for a full grasp on the pistol’s grip while drawing. Built on a durable leather form, the OT2 Combat Cut Holster comes with a soft, suede backing and a moisture-proof neoprene core. The updated clip design and location allows shirts to be tucked in for a more formal appearance. MSRP: $39.95. For more info: (888) 732-5011,

DPx HIT Dagger Ti

DPX Gear

The DPx HIT Dagger Ti — aka the “Necker” — is light and versatile. It’s a tool you don’t even notice until you need it. The compact, lightweight push dagger/neck knife is made in Italy by LionSTEEL and comes with a black leather sheath and adjustable lanyard. There are two versions of the DPx HIT Dagger Ti: the Assault Stonewashed and the Sandblasted. MSRP: $140 and $130 respectively. For more info:

Concealed Carry Purse Line


Versacarry offers a Concealed Carry Purse Line providing easy access to a firearm. It is available in camo, olive and black canvas, plus one brown leather option (in picture). The line features a velcro-lined center section where the provided holster wrapped in velcro will keep the gun secure. The pistol can easily be accessed from the left, right and top of the purse. Versacarry concealed carry purses are attractive and stylish with functional pockets for other storage needs. MSRP: From $149.99. For more info: (979) 778-2000,

Threaded 9mm Barrel


ALTOR has introduced a Threaded 9mm Barrel for the Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol. The new accessory could make the pistol the quietest ever with a suppressor since it doesn’t have any moving parts except the trigger. ALTOR’s Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol is lightweight and fully ambidextrous. It’s easy to hold and carry because of the ergonomic design. MSRP: $99. For more info: (602) 441-4077,

Launch 13

Kershaw Knives

cutting ability. Its 3.5″ Wharncliffe blade is made of CPM 154 black DLC coating with satin grinds. The handle is 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum. Design details include a narrow profile, deep-carry pocket clip, lanyard hole and custom triangular pivot. Weighing 2.4 oz. with an OAL of 8″, the Launch 13 is ideal for fine work, yet slightly angled for more versatile cutting. MSRP: $189.99. For more info: (800) 325-2891,

223 Remington

Berger Ammunition

Whether on the firing line or in the field, Berger Ammunition offers unmatched performance in today’s most popular calibers. With results rivaling precision hand loads, competitive shooters, hunters and the nation’s elite operators trust Berger to shoot better. New for 2021, 223 Remington 73 Grain Target and 77 Grain Tactical offerings. MSRP: $29.99 per box of 20. For more info: (660) 460-2800,

Exotic Grips for Ruger Wrangler .22

N.C. Ordnance

Exotic Grips for Ruger Wrangler .22 like Goncalo Alves Wood, Zebrawood and Rosewood are offered by N.C. Ordnance Grips. The beautifully crafted reproduction grips are hand-rubbed with three coats of Tru Oil finish. They are made of wood that are increasingly difficult to obtain. In picture, the Goncalo Alves Wood Grips showing the brightness and contrast of the wood’s diverse colors. MSRP: $75. For more info: (252) 237-2440,

X-tra Concentrated Masking Scents

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center has released a line of X-tra Concentrated Masking Scents, potent formulas to help mask human scent. The scents have appealing smells that attract even big game animals. They reduce a target’s fear so you can get closer to take a shot. The X-tra Concentrated Masking Scents include Pine, Earth, Acorn, Cedar and Apple. MSRP: $8.99 for a 4-fl. oz. bottle. For more info: (800) 873-5873,

SLx MD-20 Microdot

Primary Arms Optics

Primary Arms Optics has just released the budget-friendly SLx MD-20 (MPN: 810023). It improves on previous micro dots with an enhanced emitter providing an ultra-bright reticle with a 50,000-hour runtime on medium settings. Part of the SLx product line, the MD-20 integrates new technologies like AutoLive, Primary Arms’ motion-controlled illumination system. The micro dot is housed in a durable aluminum body and features a zero-parallax lens. MSRP: $149.99. For more info: (713) 344-9600,


Outdoor Edge

The RazorWork from Outdoor Edge features a replaceable scalpel-sharp 3″ utility blade made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel heat-treated and hand-finished to get a razor-sharp edge. The EDC Knife has a patented system allowing the user to change blades quickly, easily and safely. The blade is seated in a black oxide-coated steel blade holder; the handle is made of a lightweight, one-piece, non-slip Grivory polymer. Weighing 1.9 oz. and with an OAL of 6.8″, the RazorWork knife comes with two utility blades and one 3″ drop-point blade. MSRP: $30.95. For more info: (800) 477-3343,


Bear Ops

The AC-800-CF-S pocketknife from Bear OPS boasts a sleek, lightweight design with minimal imprinting. The knife features a 2.5″ smooth, fast-action Sandvik blade. The handle is made of stainless steel with carbon fiber. With a push of the recessed button, the blade deploys on demand, firmly locking back to withstand heavy loads. A pen-type clip allows for deep carry. The pocketknife measures 4″ closed and weighs 2.7 oz. MSRP: $274.99. For more info: (265) 435-2227,

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