Synergy Built In

Knives and guns have always had symbiotic ties. When firearms were introduced and became the popular mode of procuring food and self-defense, the knife became a valued back-up and was still the prime candidate for field chores. They both serve those essential roles today, side-by-side after hundreds of years. What makes Keith Murr such a great fit for Nighthawk Custom is his ability to create and offer knives both traditional and modern. In his line you’ll find classic bone-handled knives sitting next to high-tech tactical fare.

“My favorite handle would have to be Stag Bone, which is cow bone that is jigged and dyed to resemble Sambar Stag.” Keith tells Handgunner, “It’s my favorite because it’s the closest you can get to real Stag, which has become more expensive and harder to get your hands on.” He also offers Buffalo, Ram and Elk horn for traditionalists, plus G10 and Micarta for those who wish to go the black tactical route.

“The two types of steel we offer are D2 tool steel and Damascus. D2 is my favorite because it holds an incredible edge and is super durable. It’s semi-stainless, which keeps the rust away.” D2 has enough Chromium to qualify as a stainless steel, but its high carbon content technically prevents it from being classified as such. Having owned dozens of knives made with D2 steel I can honestly say I’ve never had one rust. Murr’s knives with Damascus blades are for those who prefer a higher end custom look. This exquisite patterned steel dates back to the 13th century and is still a top choice for custom knife buyers today.