Norma’s MHP (Monolithic Hollow Point) features a solid-copper bullet optimized for personal defensive use. The twist on this one is a design for massive expansion within a large velocity range. Use it in compact or full-size pistols and it’ll work.

The single-material bullet design virtually guarantees the projectile will remain intact and not fragment. Being all copper, the bullet weight is light-for-caliber at 108 grains, so maintaining structural integrity is important. The lightweight bullet and moderate velocity yields a hidden benefit: low recoil. It’s noticeably milder than standard 9mm ammo.

MHP is also stunningly accurate, and I don’t say this lightly. Using a scoped Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Tactical, it delivered an average five-shot, 25-yard group size of just 1.4″ over multiple strings. For more info:

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