One 1911, Two Holsters, Four Seasons


For many, “Summer carry” means snubbies, micro .380’s and single-stack 9’s. And rightly so. Smaller and lighter guns are easier to carry and hide when you’re clothed for warmer weather. But for many, their Summer gun is also their Fall, Winter and Spring gun. And house gun. And truck gun. And so on.

Say you’ve got one gun, a Government 1911. It’s big. It’s heavy. But it is thin. And say you want to carry it in all seasons, including Summer. The 1911 being what it is, you have plenty of holster options. Moreover, some swear that concealing a Government 1911 is no more difficult than any other gun.



As much as I’d prefer a smaller, lighter gun, this Summer I’m going to carry this Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec in two holsters: a Cry Havoc Torrent and a Galco Summer Comfort. They’re different holsters with different missions, for sure, but I’ve discovered that they both do a lot of things well, including a decent job of concealment.

The Cry Havoc Torrent ($55.00) sports a stiff Kydex front and back and a straight drop in a familiar belt slide design. The fit of the Mil-Spec in the Torrent is one of the best I’ve seen for a Kydex holster, meaning a firm grip with absolutely no wiggle or rattle whatsoever. Being an outside the waistband holster, what you lose in concealability you gain in comfort and accessibility. I like the Torrent as a carry-around-the-house holster and as a carry-when-working-outside holster. But it does a good job for concealed carry, too. So, you’re wondering, what’s the best way to conceal the Springfield in this holster? Three o’clock with an untucked T-shirt topped by a short-sleeved, untucked button shirt.



Galco’s Summer Comfort ($77.95), a well-known holster, usually gets ordered for much smaller guns. Which is a understandable. But this full size rig does a very good job with the big 1911. The fit of the Mil-Spec in the Summer Comfort is excellent; it carries firmly yet relinquishes the gun with a clean upward and forward draw. Being an inside the waistband holster, what you gain in concealability you lose in comfort and accessibility. I like the Summer Comfort as a primary carry holster for this 1911, as long as it’s not for too long as the weight and size of the gun simply gets to be a bit tedious after several hours. For this gun/holster combination, concealment is easy: Three o’clock with an untucked T-shirt.

Any guesses on whether the Summer Comfort will live up to its name? Or will the Torrent be preferred for Summer carry of this Government 1911? How would you carry it?