OT Defense Stippling Kit


We’ve covered OT’s nifty stippling kits before, but Micah, the young military vet owner, is so full of energy and eager to listen to how to grow his business, I thought it was right to shed some light on what he’s doing again. His latest kit is more comprehensive than ever before and is 100 percent made in the USA. I particularly like the fact it’s not in the typical “black tactical” case! The sand-colored case stands out on your shelves and doesn’t get lost in the sea of black boxes, packs and cases you likely have.

If you’re not familiar with what this does, shooters and gunsmiths “stipple” and texture the grips of polymer firearms to enhance the feel and shootability of these guns. You can also texture other plastics like a Kydex holster, buckles, a plastic knife handle — anything the handy brass tips can get to and will soften in the heat of the 25-watt wood burner. There are new stippling-related tips added all the time and you can grow your kit by adding the new designs anytime. Friend Dusty Housel, my neighbor and aspiring 1911-builder, has been using one of OT’s kits for some time now and frankly is overwhelmed by requests from friends to “Do my gun too, Dusty, please? Please!?” So consider yourself fore-warned. My kit came with some practice plastic plates and I found the process to be pretty darn easy to learn. Going to the Internet will find thousands of photos of guns people have stippled, and the textures and designs will boggle your mind, I promise.

For $64.99, there’s a lot of quality and versatility here and would sure be something you could easily learn to do. But beware, the word will get out and soon your gun club buds, neighbors, IDPA gang and others will be acting all nice and stuff to you so you’ll do their guns too — ask Dusty. They’re available at Brownells, Dillon Precision, US Tactical Supply and from OTDefense. For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/ot-defense/
; email: [email protected]

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