PepperBall Goes Mobile with LifeLite Mobile


The world leader in non-lethal defense, PepperBall products are trusted by military, law enforcement and civilians worldwide. In 2018, the company announced the LifeLite, a handheld flashlight and PepperBall launcher capable of firing projectiles as far as 60 feet, but its size and weight left much to be desired. Built on its success, PepperBall is now bringing consumers a smaller, sleeker model in the LifeLite Mobile.

Measuring 2” shorter and 0.35 lbs. lighter, the new LifeLite Mobile uses the same technology as the original LifeLite, featuring a 350-lumen LED flashlight, aiming laser and CO2-powered PepperBall launcher. While capacity has dropped from five projectiles to three, the Mobile is still capable of launching non-lethal rounds at 250 fps with an effective range up to 40 feet.

An alternative to concealed firearms, the LifeLite Mobile is the perfect personal protection device at home or on the road, whether walking at night, camping or traveling for the holidays.

Included with the LifeLite Mobile are six (6) Live SD projectiles (2.0% PAVA), 12 inert practice projectiles and three (3) 8G CO2 cartridges. MSRP is $199.99.

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