Power Clean Electric Kit


I’m a “keep it simple” guy as much as possible so, while gadgets and widgets can and are often simply fun to mess with, I usually find myself going back to my own simple methods for cleaning. Give me a toothbrush, cleaning rod and brushes, some Q-tips, solvent, light oil, paper towels and a soft rag and I’m good to go. But I kept my mind open when looking at the Tipton Power Clean Electric Gun-Cleaning Brush Kit. A big name for a compact tool kit. Using four AA batteries (which have lasted a long time so far), it basically gives you a sort of electric toothbrush for your guns. It comes with the power handle and accessory brush fixtures. Plus, there’s an adaptor head with an 8-32 threaded rod allowing you to attach any brush or fitting you might have with 8-32 threads. You can’t replace the brushes on the fittings coming with the kit, but they seem to last just fine.

It works fine if you allow the oscillating head and light pressure — with a bit of your favorite solvent — to do the work. You don’t need to bear down on it. For slide rails, nooks and crannies, cruddy build-up and such, it actually does a very fast job. A few seconds with the brush and even the “Um, uh … yeah, I haven’t cleaned it in about 1,200 rounds” crud comes off. There’s a pulse or continuous mode, and it seems to be resistant to solvents and oils so far. I think it has found its way onto my bench permanently now and it has also morphed into the “clean the milling machine and lathe” side of things too. Anyplace you need to reach in to clean a spot (think: motorcycles, bicycles, tools, jewelry, etc.) this might be handy. At only $39.99 for the kit, it’s cheap and actually does make cleaning easier. I love it when a gadget makes the transition into the “real tool” category. Ph: (573) 445-9200.


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