Real Avid Gun Boss
Pro Precision Cleaning Tools


Real Avid

Like me, you’ve probably got plenty of gun cleaning tools. Problem is mine are in drawers and bins around my gun bench or resting in coffee mugs next to pens, pencils and large files and who knows what else. Generally I can find things but sometimes it takes a while. That’s where kits such as Real Avid’s Gun Boss Pro series come in. Not only do these kits provide a nice set of gun cleaning tools, they come in packaging that can be its own carrying case. This keeps all the tools organized, visible and within easy reach if I hang it on a hook on a peg board.

The kit you see here is the Precision Cleaning Tools kit. The eight screw-on tools include two brushes, two punches (3/32″ and 5/32″), two brass scrapers (one straight, one with a 90-degree bend) and two picks — one straight, one hooked. They fit using standard 8-32 threads on an ergonomic plastic handle and coated steel extensions providing up to three lengths: 4″, 8″ and 12″. If you can be disciplined about returning each tool to its place after use, they’ll always be right there where you need them, in clear view, in one place. Favorite tool: actually, the brushes. The big one for overall or general cleaning, the smaller one for more precise work such as applying oil to tight spots. Retail $19.99. For more info,, Ph: (800) 286-0567

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