Inspired by RMJ’s Beserker large ax, the Weezerker is compact enough to hang on the belt with included low-ride straps. Its slightly curved handle, with spiffy G10 grips, balances beautifully in the hand for vigorous, bordering on extreme, chopping. The well-rounded and razor-sharp 5″ blade makes easy work of, well just about anything around the home, farm, or camp. Even the beard (inside curve) is sharpened for more cutting options. Think chores requiring a “pulling through” motion.

Without the scabbard, the 12.5″-long ax weighs 1 lb., 11 oz., so it’s light enough to handle safely but heavy enough to provide excellent chopping momentum. The head is just over 5.5″ long at its maximum and backed with a 0.270″ thick small flat for light hammering chores. Given the wicked blade and curved handle, do be careful when reversing the Weezerker to pound stuff. RMJTactical.com

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