s.o.l. fire lite fuel-free lighter


No more worrying about being down to your last match — the Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter from Survive Outdoors Longer combines technology with necessity. This lighter is USB rechargeable and a single charge powers approximately 45 lighter uses or three hours of low light for the 100-lumen built-in flashlight. Pair it with a solar-charging battery pack and you have a reliable way to start a fire regardless of wind, rain, temperature or altitude. Encased in a bright orange, waterproof case and weighing less than 2 oz., it’s intuitive to use and not a burden to carry. Pressing a button turns on dual plasma arcs that ignite anything flammable on contact while allowing you utmost control, unlike a match flame with a mind of its own. A tinder paracord lanyard serves as a convenient fuel source. SurviveOutdoorsLonger.com

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