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Talon (attachment detail)

Talon Hunt w/ Hook

Havalon Knives is well known in the hunting and fishing segments of the outdoors market for pushing the envelope of replaceable scalpel-bladed knives farther than any other manufacturer — and not surprisingly, given the company’s roots. “Our parent brand Havel’s Inc. has been supplying the surgical world with blades, needles, sutures and the like for over 40 years.” Havel’s Marketing Director Ryan Cull informs American Handgunner. “Before the Havalon brand was born, we had a rapidly growing taxidermy business. That audience was buying up our autopsy blades at such a clip that the idea of making something for that audience was hatched. Our president at the time had an old folding field scalpel he kept in his desk and thought something similar could work for hunters. Fast forward to October of 2005 and the replaceable blade Piranta Original was born.”

Today the Havalon Knives line has exploded to include a wide variety of scalpel-based folding knives as well as a multi-tool, field kits and the first EDC (everyday carry) for urban users. “Our surgically sharp replaceable blades are unmatched in the industry,” notes Ryan. “We make them sharper, stronger and better than anyone else that has come along after us. We can say without favor because our factory has been making blades like these for over 40 years. Our resources and know-how just can’t be touched by an upstart.” Noticing an uptick of interest in these extremely sharp replaceable blade knives in the last few years, we thought it was time to inform Handgunner readers of their benefits, so we went straight to the source to show you some of their sharp offerings.


REDI (folded w/clip detail)

Precise Slice

The Piranta line, revised over time, is still a staple in the Havalon line. The Piranta-EDGE was one of the first knives Havalon introduced and is still their best seller. Primarily for skinning game, the Piranta-EDGE is 7.25″ fully extended with a 2.75″ 60A stainless steel drop point style scalpel blade. Havalon blades are installed by dropping a slot in the blade’s base over an elongated post on the carrier (which also serves as the folder’s pivot) and sliding it backward, securing it in place. To change the blade, you simply push its base forward and lift it off once it clears the forward end of the carrier. Both actions are done after the blade carrier is engaged and locked in place by a liner-lock mechanism in the handle. Note: There are ambidextrous thumb studs on the rear of the carrier for opening the blade.

The Piranta-EDGE’s 4.5″ handle is durable orange/black military grade polymer and the knife comes delivered with a black nylon pouch with a detachable clip. Also included are 12 60A scalpel blades for future use and the EDGE also accepts all other Piranta blades should you desire a different style.

Want something bigger? The Baracuta-Blaze is ideal for hunters who need to process larger game. This larger game skinner/de-boner stretches out to 10.375″ overall yet weighs only 3 oz. The standard blade is Havalon’s 4.375″ #115XT Hunter’s blade, but for variety, the company also offers two other options — #115SW Serrated Bone Saw blade and #127XT Fillet blade. The 6.0″ handle is a military-grade polymer with black rubber inserts for enhanced grip. Like its smaller sibling, the Piranta, the Baracuta-Blaze is delivered with a nylon pouch with a removable clip and Havalon throws in five #115XT Hunter’s Blades to get you rolling.

The Talon Hunt is a complete system for sportsmen who want to be prepared for any endeavor. The Talon’s handle is wider similar to a standard outdoor knife. It has an adapter that allows it to accept a wide variety of blades using Havalon’s Quik-Change II system, which has an internal locking mechanism that allows the user to quickly switch blades without losing cutting area. The blade selection included in the base kit has both the hunter and angler covered for a variety of situations. For the hunter, there is both a partially serrated skinning blade and one with a guthook. For those who fish, there are filet blades in three different lengths. The Talon’s handle has a removable back panel for easy cleanup. The icing on the cake is a black nylon roll-up snap pouch, making the Talon Hunt system easy to carry — and you can customize the entire kit to suit your needs.

Havalon offers many other blade options, allowing the user to customize the Talon Hunt system to suit their needs. If a longer blade is required, the company offers a two-pack of 5.0″ Talon Bushcraft blades that can perform a myriad of functions around the camp, such as cutting cord and rope, de-barking and notching limbs, plus preparing meals. There is also a 3-piece Talon Fish Serrated Blade Set that includes a scaler with ruler markings up to 5.0″ plus one each of 5.0″ and 7.0″ serrated back fillet blades to allow the user to remove scales with the backside and fillet with the front. In addition, the company offers multi-packs — some assorted — of all the blades found in the Talon Hunt system. Last but not least, they offer the Talon Hip Holster, which allows the user to take their knife into the field. This nylon and polymer sheath can be worn on the belt for right or left-hand carry — and it also has two pockets for extra blades or accessories.

Evolve Multitool

Pushing Envelopes

I mentioned in my intro that Havalon had introduced its first EDC for city use. It’s called the REDI, and it uses thicker blades than typical scalpels, which allows them to be re-sharpened. The REDI also has a stouter slide-locking system mechanism that keeps the blade positively locked into place at all times. There’s also a liner lock inside the frame that keeps the blade assembly rigid when deployed. The REDI’s 4.4″ green handle is a pistol grip style for improved grip, with checkering added for improved purchase. A tip-up pocket clip on the backside is positioned for right- or left-hand carry. Although the REDI is billed as an EDC, don’t let that keep you from using it in the field if you want a beefier game-processing knife — it’s ready for action there as well.

The Evolve is a multitool geared for the hunter. The Evolve incorporates Havalon’s Piranta Quik-Change II game processing system and is further accoutered with pliers (with wire cutters/strippers), a fixed gut hook, a replaceable saw, a universal bit driver, and a carabiner clip. The Evolve also comes with a flat head/Phillips head reversible bit, and there’s room to store two more 1/4″ bits of any style you wish. Havalon provides a zipper holster and delivers the Evolve with a host of goodies, including six standard 60A Piranta blades and two new replaceable saw blades. All Piranta blades will fit the Evolve, allowing you to fine-tune your multitool.

There is much more to be seen on Havalon’s website, and you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to add their replaceable blade technology to your hunting or fishing repertoire. Havalon’s knives and tools are lightweight and easy to stow so they won’t bog you down. These knives may not replace your heavy duty wood-chopping hunting knife, but they’ll add a level of precision to your game dressing and fish processing that is astounding. Go check out the Havalon website.

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