Back To The Future

As additional proof the idea of a .45 ACP revolver was a good one, note the fact Colt kept the caliber as an option until New Service production ceased in 1944. Smith & Wesson sold Model 1917’s commercially until it was revised as the Model 1950 Military. At the same time a target-sighted Model 1950 was also added and five years later a heavier barreled version named Model 1955 Target was introduced. These 1950s-vintage .45 ACP Smith & Wessons became the Models 22, 26 and 25, in the same order. Except for Model 25’s which lasted until 1991, the others were dropped in the 1960s.

There is more. Early in this century Smith & Wesson returned to the .45 ACP revolver concept with a variety of Model 22’s, among them a 4" Thunder Ranch Special and a 51/2"-barreled copy of the Model 1917. At this point I’m stopping because I can say here every one of the above mentioned .45 Auto revolvers have passed through my hands at one time or the other. Several are still here.