Exploring Fertile Soil

“A few months later, John called our shop and asked if we had given any serious thought to selling Spartan Blades,” Curtis recounts. “We were a little surprised but explained we had always intended to sell someday but we were planning to do this after a little more growth. He suggested giving it some thought, and we did.”

“Both Mark and I had already retired once from the Army and weren’t getting any younger. We asked ourselves what we wanted to happen to the company after we were gone. We both agreed it would be nice to see the company live long past us and thrive. We knew how important family and tradition was to KA-BAR/CUTCO and truly liked all the folks there. We simply thought they were the best match for Spartan Blades due to common ethics and military connections. After several months of due diligence, planning and creating courses of action, we called in lawyers to make it more pleasurable! Yes, I’m being facetious. We formed a new corporation called Pineland Cutlery, Inc., which now does business as Spartan Blades.”