Joining CRKT set the ball rolling for things to come. “I spent my first year at the company as the IT Manager learning our systems and processes, developing new reporting to help us make better decisions, and integrating systems to improve efficiency,” Mark notes. “I then spent a year as our VP of Operations where I was responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the distribution operations of the company. I then spent two years in the role of Executive Vice President, where I worked with the company’s management team to implement the CRKT’s strategic plan and execute programs that led to further growth of the company. I was promoted to President in 2019 and at the same time Rod moved into an advisory role. It was important for us to have a smooth transition, so over the next few years Rod and I worked closely together as I took on more of the day-to-day responsibilities as Rod stepped back.”

We asked Mark what he thinks has been the key for CRKT’s success over the years. “It all starts with our incredible team and the grit and passion they bring each day,” Schreiber states. “We’re a family business, have been that way from the start, and we’ve managed to keep that family feel even as we’ve grown.”