Who says a flashlight needs to be round? While the classic cylindrical shape was mandated for decades by battery design, the new crop of reliable rechargeable lights can use batteries produced in nearly any form factor.

Imagine a .22LR pistol magazine, although longer and narrower. Remember how that “flat” shape fits neatly in the pocket without adding undue bulk? That’s the Wedge. At 5.46″ long, just under an inch wide, and 5/8″ thick, the Wedge slides into the pocket just as easily. An integral belt clip provides extra security and additional stowage options.

A USB-C port is exposed on the back end and when charged, the Wedge delivers a constant 300 lumens of broad pattern light. Push forward on the intuitive rotating thumb switch for a burst of up to 35 seconds of 1,000 lumens. Time in THRO mode is limited to prevent overheating.

The Wedge — a useful and eminently portable EDC and general-purpose light.

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