The Mechanics

Reloading the .44 Russian is made easier today with the availability of .44 Magnum Carbide sizing dies. However, it may be necessary to shorten a .44 Magnum/.44 Special expanding die as well as a seater/crimper die to be able to reach the relatively short .44 Russian case. I use an old .44 Special expanding die and purchased a .44 Russian seating die. When combining these two with a .44 Magnum Carbide sizing die I’m not only reliving a major part of sixgun history I’m also able to turn out first-class .44 Russian handloads.

For loading I use Oregon Trail’s 225- and 240-gr. RN bullets over 3.8 grs. of Trail Boss for right around 685 fps. I drop-down to 3.5 grs. of Trail Boss for around 650 fps. With Lyman’s RN bullets 4.2 grs. of Universal is right at 720 fps, while 5.0 grs. of Unique yields 790 fps — all from a 71/2" Colt Single Action. The most accurate bullet I’ve found in this .44 Russian is the RCBS #44-200CM over 5.0 grs. of Universal for just under 760 fps and 1" groups.
The .44 Russian still provides much pleasurable shooting.