The Joys of Ballistol


You experienced shooters and professional tinkerers out there likely already know many of the uses for this stuff, but for those youngsters reading this, here’s a valuable tip: Look for the green can.

It’ll do everything under the sun in your gun room — and much, much more. Think of it as a general-purpose cleaner and protectant. Part of the secret is its modest level of alkalinity, which neutralizes acids. That makes it an excellent black powder solvent. Just mix with a couple of parts water to one part Ballistol, and you’re good to go.

For smokeless firearms, it eats carbon residue and dissolves moderate amounts of copper and lead, so it’s a great general-purpose cleaner. Oh, and that alkalinity will handily address the negative impacts of shooting corrosive ammo.

But there’s more. It is not only wood-friendly, it helps preserve and protect, so apply it liberally to rifle and pistol stocks, too. It even conditions leather.

Ballistol is available in liquid, spray and even Ballistol-infused wipes. Handy stuff.

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