Expanding The Brand

As you can see from Goetzmann’s historical comments, Böker Knives — under whichever name the brand was under at the time — has always had global aspirations. The Böker brand today consists of four main divisions, all distinct in their own ways. “Böker Solingen is still the core, or the heart of it all,” explained Marc. “With our Solingen manufacturing we cover a wide variety of cutlery, and every knife with the Tree Brand etching and the word ‘Solingen’ on the blade is made in our German factory.” The Tree Brand logo has endured since the early days of the company and many traditional pocketknife collectors and users recognize it as a symbol of quality. Both the early Tree Brand and American-made Böker pocketknives have become quite collectible.

“Böker Arbolito is based in Buenos Aires where we manufacture a lot of kitchen knives for the American and South American markets, plus make a nice selection of hunting knives for the European and the U.S. markets as well. The third division is Böker Plus, introduced in 2005. We saw the necessity for this new brand because there was a gap in our line between our entry-level knives, the Magnum brand and the more exclusive Solingen knives,” continued Marc. “A Böker Plus knife is a made to Böker standards, be it an in-house design or one of the numerous custom collaborations we make, but is not made in Solingen. While in the beginning this meant mostly cutlery manufactured in Asia, we’ve expanded, and now have manufacturing partners in Italy and in the U.S. for our Böker Plus knives. And at the time of this interview, we’re just about to add some new Böker Plus models made in Spain.

“And I mentioned our fourth division earlier — the Magnum line. This covers the entry level and gives you a nice selection of EDC knives, knives for outdoor/law enforcement use and hunting, all for reasonable prices,” shared Marc.