TOPS Hornero Fixed
Blade Knife


Sourdoughs of the Yukon identified “greenhorns” by the telltale sign of the blade they carried. The bigger the blade, the greener the “tenderfoot.” Sourdoughs knew most cutting chores were handled easier with smaller, lighter knives, instead of a cumbersome, foot-long Bowie.

Tomos Reynoso, of Argentina, understands the Sourdough’s way of thinking, and it’s the inspiration for his new knife, the Hornero. The Hornero is a 3″ fixed-blade knife sporting a full-sized handle. The blade shape is unique in its own right, looking like a hybrid sheepsfoot blade. Instead of a traditional straight edge, it has a curved underbelly. This provides the user with a utilitarian point for intricate cutting, while the rounded underbelly is perfect for skinning.

Dirty Details

The Hornero is made of high carbon 1095 steel, a favorite of mine. It’s a proven steel known for taking a keen edge and ease of re-sharpening, making it low maintenance. The blade is made from 3/16″ stock and is hardened with TOPS’ famous Differential Heat Treatment. The blade also has black Traction coating applied for a rugged, attractive finish retarding rust and corrosion. RC hardness is 56-58, perfect for edge-holding ability.

The full-size grip provides more power and control when needed. Made with two slabs of two-tone, black and tan canvas Micarta. It’s bolted onto the full tang, making removal a cinch for detailed cleaning. Canvas Micarta is naturally slip-free in texture, as well as attractive. The Hornero comes with a utilitarian Kydex sheath with a 2″ belt loop design.


The Horneo was designed by native Argentinian Tomas Reynoso and he named it after the National bird of Argentina. Reynoso has an extensive background in wilderness and survival activities. His passion for knives has led to consulting and building knives in his spare time. The Horneo is a rugged design built for like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities and need a reliable knife.

The Horneo can be purchased through MSRP is $150, but they are currently on sale for $120.

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