Dirty Details

The Hornero is made of high carbon 1095 steel, a favorite of mine. It’s a proven steel known for taking a keen edge and ease of re-sharpening, making it low maintenance. The blade is made from 3/16" stock and is hardened with TOPS’ famous Differential Heat Treatment. The blade also has black Traction coating applied for a rugged, attractive finish retarding rust and corrosion. RC hardness is 56-58, perfect for edge-holding ability.

The full-size grip provides more power and control when needed. Made with two slabs of two-tone, black and tan canvas Micarta. It’s bolted onto the full tang, making removal a cinch for detailed cleaning. Canvas Micarta is naturally slip-free in texture, as well as attractive. The Hornero comes with a utilitarian Kydex sheath with a 2" belt loop design.