Mike and Brooke Vedder got their concealed carry licenses and discovered they just couldn’t find holsters fitting their needs. So in 2012, they fixed that by starting Vedder Holsters in their garage. They’ve grown since and now have a great team, working hard to assure hand-crafted holsters get into the hands of their customers — fast. With a standard 2-3 day lead time for the production of all their gear, that’s ground-breaking in what is usually an “iffy” delivery window market, especially from custom makers. But, according to Mike, “Every part of every holster is designed with the end-user in mind. We aim to be affordable, without sacrificing quality — giving customers the best bang for their buck.”

What I like about their gear is it’s priced within the budget of anyone — from around $50 to $65 or so — you can actually get it fast, and each is hand-made and fitted to an exact gun. It’s honestly custom, but affordable and accessible. Our test samples showed excellent fit, finish and design and I liked the fact belt clips were stamped steel and not plastic. The “LightDraw” OWB rig is, indeed, lightweight and very easy on the hip. The “LightTuck” IWB model is practical and offers a number of cool design features, including their “Claw” to help hold it in place. It’s extremely thin — and comfort is its middle name.

There are many options and holster designs from them, so you need to go to their website to check out what meets your needs. From what I saw in my test samples, I can recommend their craftsmanship and products without hesitation.