Heart Of The Matter

John and son Dustin Worrell of Dynamic Research Technologies took a different path, designing bullets with frangible metal cores. “In the 1990s Harold Beal did pioneering work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the .45 ACP,” Dustin explains. “By 2005 we had machinery to make bullets using Beal’s patents under license.” Most DRT cores comprise copper and tin. Tungsten excels but is, of course, more expensive. These bullets kill by fragmenting, the metal turning, literally, to high-speed dust. “Deer drop quicker than if struck with a softpoint. A DRT dumps its energy like a grenade. Vital organs well off the bullet’s track sustain lethal damage.” The design works at .223 and .45 ACP speeds. A DRT I fired from a muzzle-loader disintegrated in a whitetail buck. The deer tumbled mid-sprint, short yards on.

Copper and gilding metal bullets, and those made of sintered metal, cost more than lead — figure 20 to 40 percent more. They are another step away from the stones once hurled from warships and across battlefields. Much better than stones. But lead is not yet dead. So, you have plenty of options out there for your preferred handgun!