Like pictures of fawns and baby otters, some things just nudge the “cute” meter. And since wife Suzi is all about “all-things purple” as many ladies seem to be of late, these latest from The Wilderness Tactical popped out at me. Constructed the same way their iron-like indestructible other gear — of water-repellent Cordura nylon — every edge is taped too, so no raw edges! And at a tidy 9″x5″x4″ ranks it well into that cute category. It’s like a “mini-me” of your favorite duffle bag on your closet floor.

But don’t let the size fool you. Think: five PMags with Ranger Plates, or two or three boxes of ammo or even loose ammo for the line at the range or during training. Or … or … well, you get it. I got Suzi the purple one and the black one for me. The “non-purple” one has found a semi-permanent home on the right-front seat of my ranch truck here. I stocked it with odds and ends like a small roll of duct tape, a beater pocket knife, pliers, two screwdrivers, some zip ties and a couple of hose clamps — those “EDC” things I always seem to be reaching for. All in one spot, without taking up too much room. Suzi’s just got back from an elk hunt with hers where it did daily duty in her back pack holding all sorts of mysterious things she needed to have.

The other small pouch is their Bug Pack and is a handy little YKK zippered pouch (5.5″x5.5″) with their signature wrap-around belt loop. It can go onto your belt, a handy loop, or even a big, padded pack strap. Toss one of their Pocket First-Aid Kits (PFAK) into it and a few wet pads and you’d have it handy for emergencies. It comes in some other cool colors but Suzi’s all about purple.

Not shown is their Safepacker Holster which is a sort of biggie Bug Pack made to hold a CCW gun. It comes in different sizes and yes … it can be had in purple too! The Wilderness is a family-owned company and chock full of darn nice people. For more info: www.thewilderness.com, Ph: (800) 775-5650

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