Wyoming Sight Drifter


From left to right, the one-ended drifter, the double-ended drifter and the deluxe kit.

All around the country spring has sprung! It’s time to blow the dust off your guns and have some fun! Maybe you ordered some new sights for your favorite shooter over the winter, or perhaps Santa dropped some in your stocking? Either way, you need to remove and install your sights without banging, denting, or scarring them.

Have No Fear

Relax, have I got the gadget for you! And it’s fun to use, too! Called the Wyoming Sight Drifter (WSD), this handy tool will have you drifting your sights in no time. The soft brass heads won’t mar, scar, or scratch your new sights.

It’s as easy as pulling back on the spring-loaded drifter and letting loose, kind of like sling-shotting your sights in place. For tough, tight fits between sight and dovetail, pull back more; for final sight-in tuning, barely pull back. If you go too far, simply push from the opposite side to get sighted in.

Directional Review

Say your favorite shooter shoots to the left of where you’re aiming. If your rear sight is dovetailed, you want to move your sight to the right, changing your point of impact (POI) to the right. Same thing applies to wanting to change your POI to the left. Drift your rear sight to the left. Want to lower your POI? Lower your rear sight. Raising your rear sight raises POI.
Whatever you want the POI to do, moving your rear sight in that direction accomplishes it for you.

Place the brass head onto your sight, pull back on the top knob and let it fly.
You’ll be amazed at how much inertia is generated by the spring.

Opposing Front Sight Review

Some guns only offer front sight adjustment with a dovetailed front sight. Just remember, wherever you want your POI to go, you drift the sight in the opposite direction. Think of bizarro world. Left is right, right is left, up is down, and down is up. Think of the front sight as the wayward teenager, wanting to do the opposite of what makes sense.

Cowboy Cool

The WSD is the simple, safe, fun way of drifting your sights. It offers much more control, as well as finesse, when drifting your sights. About the same size as a ballpoint pen, it’s perfect for packing in the field, or range. It uses spring-loaded inertia to precisely drift your sight. I find using a sharp pencil to make a witness mark between barrel and sight helpful, to see how far the sight has moved.

There’s no need for a gun cradle while using the WSD, either.

Basic or Deluxe?

The WSD comes in two standard models, one with two different brass punches mounted on either end, and a single mounted unit. The Deluxe model comes with its own tool bag, two brass punches for pins, one large drifter and one small brass drifter. The prices are $35 for the basic one-sided drifter, $45 for double ended drifter and $105 for the deluxe model.

For more info: WyomingSightDrifter.com

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