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Finding a place to shoot can be a challenge for any gun owner who wants to practice in order to stay sharp. It’s usually either the local range — if there is one — or a remotely located buddy’s backyard — if there’s one of those. The key feature of the range or the remote backyard: a backstop capable of absorbing a bullet fired from a gun. The most popular backstops are huge mounds of dirt, mainly because they are so low cost and effective. Enter the G2 Acreage Bullet Catch and Strike Plate. Made from 1/4″ a656 steel, this freestanding bullet catch weighs in at 138 lbs., stands 6′-2″ assembled, and measures 27″ wide. In other words, this is an appropriately built, sized and robust product you can try to shoot holes through, but can’t. Instead, bullets from .22LR to .44 Special and .45 Auto are stopped and trapped. As such, you can retrieve the bullets for recycling and then brag about how environmentally friendly you are. Setting up the Acreage Bullet Catch is easy — no tools needed for assembly or disassembly. Who could use one of these? Gun smiths and gun store owners, people who want to practice more close range shooting (practical/tactical), and virtually anyone who has a safe outdoor or indoor space in which to set it up and use it. The orange target board — what you aim at — measures 7/16″x24″x36″ and is made from OSB Plywood. Once it’s peppered beyond use, just replace it yourself with the same material. Acreage also sells a two-pack replacement kit. Bullets ultimately are stopped by the strike plate — a patented design — and then dropped into a tray for easy retrieval. Retails for $499. For more info,, Ph: (402) 960-1102.

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